Thursday, April 24, 2008

worried shoes vs. fuck me pumps

This article in the NY Mag about our dependency on shoes really got me thinking about why my switch to cheapo converse last year might have eliminated my annoying Achilles tendon issue i'd developed...and my move to wearing blundstone work boots this winter may have brought the issue back...and what does this mean for my running shoes?
"In one of the Rush Medical College knee-adduction experiments, barefoot walking yielded the lowest knee load, but a flat sneaker, like a pair of Pumas, also offered significantly less load than the overly padded walking shoes."

my goal: not to wear shoes this weekend. lets see how it goes.


McTodds said...

That is so weird that you bring this up. I just finished an email to my cousin who started running about my favorite running article that talks about the "barefoot" runners in Mexico:

I adopted the running style (but with shoes) after a f-ing awful podiatrist gave me runing shoe inserts that put me on crutches for 2 weeks. And I haven't gone back to my old style of running.

Tankboy said...


jnadra said...

I read this post at work, took my shoes off and started walking around in my socks. If people start complaining about my stinky feet, they'll have you to blame. *rasberry*

Z_gal said...

man, ever since reading that article I've been almost religious about wearing my nearly flat and support-free sketchers. Gotta say they are comfy. Also, I spent about 4 years barefoot in high school and college, and can say without a doubt that a)there are places I really should not have gone barefoot, b)going barefoot in California does not contain the same problems as going barefoot in Washington, and c)I never had knee, ankle, or back problems. Of course, I was in high school and college.