Monday, April 14, 2008

non-chronological list of things from the last few days

-Today is most likely the last day of our pledge drive. This would be awesome. Everyone is tired.
-Friday night Aa and I and some new friends bowled at the now-closed Sunset Bowl. The game took place around 2 am, so I guess it was actually Saturday morning. None of us broke 80.
-Three hours before our group exploration of bowling mediocrity began, I "sang" Love Is A Battlefield at the Sunset Bowl bar's either final or second-final karaoke night. I'd had just enough Bud Light to think I was effectively channeling Black Francis and knocking the song out of the park.
-I think I was wrong about the Black Francis thing.
-I have been hoarse since then.
-I feel like the only person in Seattle who doesn't really care that the Dalai Lama is visiting the city.
-Saturday it was stunningly nice outside. Like sunny and 70 degrees nice. So of course we had a party. Aa spent the whole day working three grills and making pizza and tortilla chips from scratch.
-Zack tried to sneak away with a pound of cheese in his mouth mid-party.
-Yesterday I worked. While I was at work, Aa cleaned the shit out of our destroyed kitchen and washed every article of dirty clothing in our house.
-This is reason 1,973,648,221 why I am getting weddinged to this man in September.
-We have less than 6500 dollars to go to end the gee dee pledge drive.
-I napped for four hours yesterday. But it wasn't enough. I want to go back to bed.
-On my way to work this morning I was listening to Live At Massey Hall. I got off the bus and headed into my favorite coffee shop. I took out my earbuds. The coffee shop was also playing Live At Massey Hall.
-The fact that someone else chose to listen to Live At Massey Hall this morning reaffirms my faith in other people.
-It is crappily cold and rainy here today. It is the perfect day to stay in pajamas, bake bread, and listen to Live At Massey Hall about 15 times in a row.
-Aa is home sick today. He's probably cuddling with the Zacker on the couch right now. While I am thrilled this pledge drive is about to end, I would like nothing more than to be on the couch with the two of them right now.

UPDATE! While Aa was home today in his pajamas, he actually made bread. Irish brown bread. There is some waiting for me at home right now. Reason 1,973,648,222 right there. (I do not know if he listened to Live At Massey Hall while baking the bread.)


Glenn Fleishman said...

Funny, I would say, marry that man (who I haven't met, but based on his description) except that you apparently already prepared to do so.

"I feel like the only person in Seattle who doesn't really care that the Dalai Lama is visiting the city."

Me, neither. I think he's awesome and world changing, but I also think he has a really esoteric set of beliefs which, when summarized as "love, non-violence, etc.," distorts their meaning. But I would have to spend a life in study to begin to understand the intricacies of his belief.

There are some faiths that are simple. His is not one of them.

MintyJ said...

Yes! Glenn, that's totally part of it for me. I think he's awesome too. But I don't have a ton of knowledge, and I don't get much out of simplified platitudey stuff like "love everyone" or "don't be violent" or whatever. Yes, ok, thanks. Helpful, I guess. But, um, lacking.

Nice to see you this AM - I was still obsessively listening to Live At Massey Hall so was a little distracted.

Glenn Fleishman said...

Yes, I read later that you were listening to that music--and then realized I'd picked up this thread in your existence. There's probably a good radio story on the intertwining nature of things like blogs, Twitter, IM, SMS, etc., and REALITY.