Tuesday, April 15, 2008

48 hours before the devil knows you're dead

Here at Casa Minty we often (and by often, i mean almost every night) rent a movie from the video store in our back yard (and by in our backyard, i mean IN our backyard.)

Tonight's chosen cinematic selection was "Before the Devil Knows You're Dead"...the box looked great...directed by Sidney Lument, big name stars...Philip Seymour Hoffman, Ethan Hawke and of course, the most awesome curmudgeon of them all: Albert Finney. A suspenseful movie for the whole family. Miss Minty and the Cinnamon Roll relaxed in to our big blue couch with a big ol' saucy pizza (and chew bone...) and expected to be carried away by this grand piece of art.

well, it sucked. I could get into why it sucked, but really...does it matter? i'm not a critic (well...okay...) but it just isn't worth it...anyways...it sucked so bad that we put on our hats and scarves, grabbed the dog and walked back to the video store.

Mind you, we go to this video store quite a bit..and the metal guy (not nu-metal, but more bands like Earth and Sunn...) that works there mon-wed has become our inside man into the madcap world of working in a video store. For example, his in store movie selections usually run along the lines of either Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii or some Kurosawa movie you didn't know existed; all the while regaling you with stories of his "other" crazy customers.

Anyway, i digress...to my point: after J and i kvetched about the grand horribleness of the the movie (and folks, let me tell you, it was a real let down...) and as were walking out, sans dvd, he pulls a film off the stack of returns and says "what about 48hrs?!"

ding. ding. ding!

hell yes. he swapped it out for the first rental! He's the sorta guy you want working at your video store....just not the guy you want working at a video store you own.

so now, we've returned to our couch and our prepared for some classic humor. i'm sure it will disappoint. i'm not sure that 48hrs was funny the first time round, but for tonight, it'll do.

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jnadra said...

Wow dude. I'm like totally impressed.
Almost every night? Y'all are serious movie fans, I bow to the likes of you.

When are we all watching Dead Man??