Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Stuff, Things, Etc.

1. This is one of my most favorite things the Internet has given me in the last few weeks. Thank you, Dooce!

2. I wish I could have seen the cyclist give kudos to Aa on our Sunday run (see entry below this one). But unlike my dear compadre, I totally wussed out and walked up that last hill. Because my legs were busy USING CRAMPING SEMAPHORE TO TELL ME THEY HATED ME FOR MAKING THEM RUN UP EIGHT MILLION STAIRS ten minutes previously.

3. Why is it that I cannot find a DVD of The Big Lebowski for sale on Target.com? Why, why, why? (Yes I know I can find it elsewhere. That's not the point.)

4. Our friends over at Jet City Cakes make some of the most unfairly excellent cookies ever since the dawn of cookie-making time. They awesomely / cruelly drop off a bunch of these fantastic things every morning for our pledge drive, currently in day 2. Today I finally allowed myself a Minster. The seal's broken, people. The Jeannie Ass Expansion Project is in full effect once again.


Anonymous said...

if you're gonna eat the cookies you had better run up ALL the hills.


MintyJ said...

Well, a little birdie (OK, Mom) told me last night you needed to clean up all your candy bar wrappers before you could come to the phone to talk to me. Glass houses, bud. Glass houses. :)

jnadra said...

Its true, these cookies truly are ass expanding. I always make the mistake of eating more than one in a sitting, which, should kind of be illegal.

But Dayam are they good! Any word on the chip-less choco chip cookies yet?

MintyJ said...

Hey, jnadra! Get off the computer. You've got some Buffy to watch.