Thursday, January 24, 2008

Admitting Buffy has made your life unmanageable

So lately at the Minty, we've been re-watching the teevee show Buffy The Vampire Slayer. This may have been inspired by the fact that the new Buffy comic books are kind of satisfying, but short, and also kind of expensive, and also don't come out regularly. It may also be because we basically have a video store in our backyard and have already watched everything in the whole store (seriously the one clerk who always wears Sunn O))) t-shirts was there last night and was like "uh, have you been to our other store? because you guys seem like you're really into watching teevee series and they have way more there"). Or it may be because we are total dorks and Buffy is our Star Trek.

Or...well, maybe it's my Star Trek.

Yeah, that's actually the truth. I'm strong enough to not lump Aa into this. Uh, Buffy is my Star Trek. I buy the comic books. I get into whole conversations with comic book store dudes about the characters in the Buffyverse. I know what the fuck a Buffyverse is. I refuse to watch Angel because I think that somehow means I have control over this. I make Buffy allusions and compare situations from Buffy to situations in my own life. I would rather re-watch episodes of Buffy than do pretty much anything else in the world. Hi. My name is Jeannie. I think I have a problem. But admitting it is the first step.


Ariel said...

We're gorging on Buffy right now. Seriously, it's getting a bit gross ... like, 2.5 seasons in, oh, less than a month. SO MUCH BUFFY!

Other TV shows we have geeked out on that you may enjoy:

Six Feet Under
Battlestar Galactica

MintyJ said...

seen 'em all, really liked BG and SFU.

McTodds said...

Okay, you must start watching Angel starting in season 4 of Buffy (I think season 4). The McTodds watched an Angel episode and then the Buffy episode that were aired the same week back-to-back. This kept the story lines in sync. (Yes, extremely dorky) And then you get 1 or 2 seasons of Angel after the final Buffy (kinda a chaser). Oh do I ever miss those days. We are on to Netflix on-demanding Heros season 2 right now.

MintyJ said...

Damn, McTodds, why must you encourage me??

Z_gal said...

Sorry to say the McTodds are right; Your addiction - ahem, I mean TRAINING - is still incomplete without seeing at least the first season of Angel.
And, might I second or third the nod towards battlestar galactica.
Netflix can be a dear friend.
Also, deep gratitude for lending me your comix!

Anonymous said...

Wow. I used to watch Buffy and Angel. However, I never saw the end of either series. Didn't Buffy die and come back on another network alive? Did Buffy and Angel ever get together in the end? Or did Buffy hook up with the bad, bleach blond vamp? You should watch Battlestar Galactica. Really good.
By the way, this is from Nancy. An old friend of Aa from college days at ISU. He was in our wedding, some 15yrs ago. YIKES!!
So, we enjoy your blogs.

nordicfraley said...

I think that it was one of Luke Perry's best movie roles. Oh! And what did you think of Paul Ruebens as Amilyn? Really great stuff.

neuroticjedi said...

I have yet to watch an episode of Buffy. I'm afraid of the slippery slope... However I did enjoy the short but sweet Firefly on DVD after its TV demise, right along with Serenity (which I watched again last night.) But frankly, Star Trek WAS my Star Trek. Then Farscape became my Star Trek. I went from Trekker to Scaper. Next time you come to work, you can refer to me as Geeky McGeekersons

Excuse my belatedness on this other subject, but could you send me the recipe for that quinoa and blueberry and the Chai recipe? Thank you Daaaahlink.

Charlie said...

Yay Buffy! Screw Angel! I watched the first season and part of the second season of Angel and found nothing useful or entertaining in it. The whole series annoyed the piss out of me and added nothing to the Buffyverse IMO... so skip it. That's my 2 cents.