Wednesday, January 09, 2008


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Last night's Salon of Shame was close to three hours last night! Even though as MC I don't have to talk *too* much, it still just felt like a marathon event where I was constantly blathering. I'm way, way tired today. But it was so much fun! Also important to note - through some weird scheduling error, we wound up having the show in the upstairs theater space of CHAC. Usually we're in the downstairs area, which holds about 125. Upstairs holds closer to 200, and is a more traditional theater space. And, um, we sold out. Like, had to turn a couple people away sold out. Like, lines out the door to get in several times sold out. It. was. crazy.

But of course there was the news dork part of me in full effect last night too - all I really wanted to know was WHAT THE HELL WAS HAPPENING IN NEW HAMPSHIRE. So I kept asking people, which is not nearly as satisfying as simultaneously following coverage via the radio / the Interweb / teevee when I can get to one (which is what I usually do). And I've been consuming everything I can on last night's events today - from (then) liveblogging to postmortem reportage to analysis, and then more analysis, and then some more analysis too. You can take the girl out of the daily news grind, but man oh man you cannot make the girl let go of needing to know. absolutely. everything. that's. happening.

Hey, speaking of needing to know everything - why is Vicki wearing a waitress uniform? Her character bio actually *says* "newspaper publisher / waitress". What the sam hill?

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Hoyden said...

That's a nice photo of you. Glad you had fun!