Tuesday, January 15, 2008

There it is

Today my friend Trish told me about the death of a girl she profiled in a documentary about heroin use. I knew a bit about the girl; I'd helped Trish a little with the doc. And Trish had given this girl a tape deck and microphone to record herself. She actually recorded herself describing what it was like to shoot up while shooting up. It's one of the most riveting, and disturbing, pieces of tape I've ever heard. I was actually thinking about that tape this morning. For some reason, I was thinking about what the girl sounded like, and how it made me imagine her sliding down a bathroom wall, sinking to the floor, as she spoke. That's just what her voice sounded like.

Anyway, Trish told me the girl overdosed on New Years' Eve. I guess it's not terribly surprising, but I guess she'd also just recently come back from Spain and had been clean for a while. Sad and senseless, for a lot of reasons.

If you're interested in listening to the documentary, it's here. Segment 2 has the tape of the girl describing shooting up. (You stupidly need Real Player to listen to it.)

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