Wednesday, January 30, 2008

"At a young age her parents encourage her to learn how to play the guitar...piano and the fiddle."

Oh, please. If you have time and like to laugh at other peoples' mistakes, for god's sake go here right now. Just...just go. Thank me later. Or, actually, thank my sister, who co-writes a super funny/snarky blog about grammar. She's the one who discovered this gem.


Z_gal said...

A blog was read, a comment was written, a link was sent.
(I sent your sister's blog a link to that bad rejection letter I told you about.)

Hoyden said...

Isn't that just sick? Ginger ten Bensel makes me verrrry angry.

MintyJ said...

Hoyden - I know! I bet you're pissed you named your cat after her now, huh?

MintyJ said...

Z-gal -- my sister is about the best person in the world to send that letter to.

For the rest of the world, this is the letter we're talking about.